• Septembre 2009: Participation de l’équipe au congrès international organisé par le Pr. Paola Davoli et le « Dakhleh Oasis Project » à Lecce, Università del salento


  • Programme

SUNDAY 20.9.2009
Opening ceremony: 6pm
Dr. P. Perrone, Mayor of Lecce
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Supreme Council of Antiquities
Prof. D. Laforgia, Dean of Lecce University
Prof. A. Mills, Dakhleh Oasis Project
Prof. C. Hope, Monash University
Prof. P. Davoli, Università del Salento
Prof. M. Capasso, Università del Salento
Opening reception cocktail

MONDAY 21.9.2009
Surveys and Environmental topics
09:00 M. Wuttmann: La prospection de l’oasis de Kharga
09:30 S. Ikram: Exploration of the Darb Ain Amur
10:00 B.E. Barich- M. Crespi-U. Fabiani-G. Lucarini: Geomatics Resources for Archaeological Survey in
Desert Areas – Some Prospects from Farafra Oasis
10:30 E. Morris: Activities at Amheida from Prehistory until the First Intermediate Period
Coffee break
11:30 G. Tallet: The Survey Project at El Deir, Kharga Oasis: First Results, New Hypotheses
12:00 C. S. Churcher: Collection and Interpretation of Archaeofaunal Materials from Archaeological Sites
12:30 U. Thanheiser: Times and Change. Subsistence Strategies in the Early and Middle Holocene in
Dakhleh Oasis
Oases in Pharaonic and Ptolemaic Periods
15:30 A.J. Mills, Recent Fieldwork at Ain el-Gazzareen
15:30 A. Pettman: The Date of Ain el-Gazzareen as Determined by an Examination of the Ceramic Material
16:00 Maher Bashendi, The Necropoleis of the Dakhleh Oasis
Coffee break
17:00 L. Pantalacci: Animal and Meat Consumption in Ancient Balat at the end of the Old Kingdom
17:30 C. Hope: Recent excavations at Mut el-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis
18:00 J. Gill: A Study of Ptolemaic Period Ceramics from Mut el-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis
18:30 S. Marchand: La céramique pré-ptolémaïque et ptolémaïque dans le bassin sud de l’Oasis de Kharga
(fouilles et prospection)

Gala dinner 20:30

TUESDAY 22.9.2009
09:00 M. McDonald: Dakhleh and Kharga Oases in Late Prehistory
09:30 B. E. Barich: The Culture of the Oases – Late Neolithic Herders in Farafra, a Matter of Identity
10:00 G. Lucarini: Early Craftsmen of the Desert. Clues of Predynastic Lithic Technology in the Late
Neolithic of Farafra
10:30 G. Mutri: Stratigraphic Evidence for MSA Finds at Sheikh el-Obeiyd – Northern Farafra Depression
Coffee break
11:30 M. Gatto: Beyond the Shale: Pottery and Cultures in the Prehistory of the Egyptian Western Desert
12:00 M.C. Wiseman: The Khargan Industry Revisited
12:30 M. Kleindienst: Results of Survey for Pleistocene Cultural Evidence from Dakhleh Oasis, 1978-79 to
2008-09 Field Seasons: Summary of Evidence and New Geoarchaeological Interpretations
Afternoon concurrent sessions
1) Sala Bernini (conference main hall)
Rock Art
15:00 A. Zboray: Rock Art at Jebel Uweinat
15:30 D. James: Stepping from Winkler’s Shadow: an Analysis of Rock-Art Classification at Dakhleh Oasis
16:00 D. Zampetti: Iconography and Techniques in the Rock Art of the Tadrart Acacus and Messak Settafet
(Libyan Sahara)
Coffee break
Recent Researches on the Kharga Oasis
17:00 Bahgat Ahmed, Archaeological Sites in the Kharga Oasis
17:30 D. Darnell: Pottery of Ghueita (MK-2IP-NK)
18:00 J. Darnell: Cedar of the West, Products of Bahariya, and Divine Offerings for Thebes: the Trade
Relations of Gebel Ghueita in Kharga Oasis
2) Sala Donatello
Papyrology and Archaeology at El-Fayyum
15:00 M. Capasso: La cultura letteraria Greca nel Fayyum di età Ellenistica e Romana
15:30 N. Pellé: Tra scuola e filologia: la ricezione delle Historiae tucididee nel Fayyum
16:00 T. Derda: New Greek Papyri from Deir el-Naqlun (El-Fayyum)
Coffee break
17:00 G. Azzarello: New Texts from the Archive of Epagathos
17:30 Ahmed Abd el-Aal, The SCA Excavations at Deir el-Banat
18:00 Ashraf Senussi, Making Pottery in Fayyum: an Ethnoarchaeological Study

WEDNESDAY 23.9.2009
Roman presence and late antique sites
09:00 P. Davoli: Amheida 2007-2009. New Results from the Excavations
09:30 P. Kucera: Al-Qasr, the Roman castra of Dakhleh Oasis
10:00 R. Livingstone: The Textiles from Kellis
Coffee break
11:00 A. Zielinski: Archaeological exploration and conservation measure at Ayn Birbiyeh site , Dakhleh
11:30 H. Whitehouse: Vine and Acanthus – Decorative Themes in the Dakhleh Oasis and Beyond
12:00 E. Ferron: Roman Adaptation to the Environmental Particularities of the Integrated Regions to its
Empire: the Example of the Oases of Kharga and Dakhleh (Abstract)
12:30 C. Rossi: Ain Lebekha and Umm el-Dabadib: Two Late-Roman Settlements in the Kharga Oasis
Christianity and Christian sites in the Oases
15:00 N. Aravecchia: The Church Complex of Ain el-Gedida, Dakhleh Oasis
15:30 D. Dixneuf: Ain el-Gedida (oasis de Dakhleh). La céramique du IVe siècle
16:00 G. Bowen: The Church of Deir Abu Metta and its Associated Structures: a Preliminary Report
16:30 M. Coudert- F. Letellier-Willemin: The Christian Necropolis of El-Deir in the North of Kharga Oasis
Coffee break
17:30 V. Ghica, D. Dixneuf: Darb al-Ghubbari. Between the End of the Roman Occupation and the Fatimid
18:00 F. Dunand-J.-L. Heim-R. Lichtenberg: Les nécropoles d’El-Deir (oasis de Kharga)
18:30 W. Godlewski: The Earliest Hermitages in the Fayyum

THURSDAY 24.9.2009
Egyptian temples and religion
09:00 O. Kaper: The Recontruction of the Temple of Thoth at Amheida
09:30 D. Klotz: Yale University Nadura Temple Project, 2009 Season
Coffee break
Textual finds
10:30 R. Bagnall-R. Cribiore: Christianity on Thoth’s Hill at Amheida
11:00 I. Gardner: The Coptic Ostraca from Qasr el-Dakhleh (2007-09)
11:30 G. Vittmann: New Texts in Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic from Mut el-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis
12:00 F. Reiter: New Ostraka from Tebtynis
Islamic period
15:00 Ahmed Salem, SCA Excavations at al-Qasr
15:30 F. Leemhuis: Letters from al-Qasr. Glimpses into the Life of the Qurashi Family in the 19th and the
early 20th Century
16:00 A. Lyzwa-Piber: Progress in the Study of the Pottery from al-Qasr
Coffee break
Conservation and technologies
17:00 C. Silver: Mural Painting and Plaster Conservation in the Dakhleh Oasis: a Summary of Conservation
Problems and the Status of Conservation Treatments
17:30 N. Warner: Amheida: Architectural Conservation and Presentation Works 2006-2009
18:00 B. Bazzani: A New Database for Recording Excavation Data
18:30 Conclusions

M. Cremaschi-S. Occhi- Pizzi C., The Graeco-Roman Palaeo-Oasis of Dime: Origin, Apogee and Decline
T.L. Dupras – S.M. Wheeler: Children and Childhood in Kellis: a Bioarchaeological Approach
C. Lord: A Histological Investigation of Two Individuals from the Kellis Cemetery
R. Montgomerie: A Histological Examination of Preserved Lung Tissues from Dakhleh Oasis Mummies
F. Pavia-S. Maggioni: Topographical and Tri-dimensional Modeling of Amheida, Dakhleh Oasis
M.E. Peroschi: Wadi Abd el-Malik. Highlights from our Explorations
A.K. Rieger-T. Vetter, Man and Landscape in the Marmarica (Northern Libyan Desert)
M. Winiarska-Kabacińska: Function of Chipped Stone Tools from Old Kingdom Site at Ain el-Gazzareen,
Dakhleh Oasis

  • Publication

Colin A. Hope, Roger S. Bagnall et Paola Davoli (eds.), The Oasis Papers 6: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project, Oxford, Oxbow Books, 2012.

ISBN: 9781842175248 couverture DOP6